Route of the Olympian

State: Montana

Length: 31 Miles

Trail Surface: Gravel

The Route of the Olympian, a 31-mile rail-trail, is part of the former Milwaukee Road, which once connected Wisconsin with Washington State. This scenic trail links directly with the popular Route of the Hiawatha, allowing for an extended journey across the Idaho border through the breathtaking Taft Tunnel. A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, the Route of the Olympian offers awe-inspiring mountain landscapes and unique experiences along the way.

During the summer months (Memorial Day to Labor Day), the first 8.6 miles of the trail from the Route of the Hiawatha at Taft to the small community of Saltese is designated for non-motorized use only. ATV riders can access the parallel NorPac Trail between Taft and Saltese, which also accommodates full-size motor vehicles. The trail’s standout features, the Dominion Tunnel and Trestle, are located near the midpoint of this section, with the trestle restricted to non-motorized use year-round.

From Saltese to St. Regis, the trail is shared by bikers, walkers, and motorized vehicles. It provides access to popular fishing spots and an alternative to the busy Interstate 90. Some portions are marked as county roads, but they see minimal traffic. With upcoming improvements aimed at separating vehicular traffic from non-motorized users, the Route of the Olympian will continue to enhance its appeal to outdoor enthusiasts.

Explore the extended trail mileage and immerse yourself in the stunning mountain scenery that makes the Route of the Olympian one of the most beautiful destinations in the country. Whether cycling, walking or simply taking in the views, this trail offers a memorable experience in the heart of nature.

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